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Adding .wsp solution using the STSADM tool

If you are attempting to install a new webpart solution (.WSP) by using a pre-packaged wizard and the install fails stop all Sharepoint Services and attempt the install again.  If it fails a second time try to install using STSADM.
Using STSADM command is the recommended way to deploy solutions to Sharepoint.
1.  On the SharePoint server open up a command prompt (Start -> Run -> Cmd)
2.  Browse to cd c:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\bin directory.
3.  Run this command:  stsadm -o addsolution -filename <name of the webpart .wsp>
4.  After this runs, deploy the solution by running this command:  stsadm -o deploysolution -name <name of the webpart> -url <url of site collection> -local
This will add the webpart solution and deploy it to sharepoint.   If the stsadm deploy command fails you can attempt to deploy the webpart using Sharepoint Central Administration.
1.  Browse or open up Sharepoint Central Administration.
2.  Click on the Operations tab, then under Global Configuration click on Solution Management.
3.  Inside Solution Management look for the webpart solution you deployed, should be labeled by name.
4.  Click on the webpart solution name, this will bring up the solution properties page.
5.  Inside solution properties, click on Deploy Solution.
6.  Once the solution is deployed it will bring you back to the Solution Management page.
7.  Look for the webpart solution again.  This time under status it should read Deployed.
8.  Browse to the site on the portal where you would like to add the webpart. 
9.  Click Start -> Edit Page -> Add A Web Part
10.  Search for the webpart you just deployed, add to your site.

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