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Update Database Schema on SharePoint Server and SQL Server Database

I’ve ran into this problem numerous of times, and this usually happens when there are new IAVA’s or security patches installed onto the SharePoint server to address vulnerabilities.  After applying these IAVAs or patchs and rebooting the  SharePoint server your portal site might error out with this message: 

Unable to Connect To Configuration Database.

If you check your event logs you might run across this error: 

“The Schema Version of the database is not consistant with the expected database schema version  Connections to this database from the server have been blocked to avoid data loss, upgrade the web front end or the content database to ensure that these versions match.”

—– To fix this problem on the web front end (Sharepoint Server): 

1.  Start -> run -> cmd

2.  At the command prompt browse to:

C:\Program Files\common files\web server extensions\12\bin

3.  Once at the C:\Program Files\common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\bin

directory run this command:

psconfig -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -wait force

4.  This will upgrade the database schema on the Sharepoint server with the SQL server.

5.  Attempt to browse the portal again.  This should fix the inconsistant database schema issues.

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