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Hiding the “Upload” button on SharePoint document library.

There might be situations where you might need to hide the “upload” button on a SharePoint document library.  For my case I was working with Infopath and I didn’t want my users to have the ability to upload any type of document into the library so I needed to hide the “upload” button.  I still have not found a way using JQuery YET!  But i’m digging into it.  This can be accomplished using SharePoint designer.

Follow these steps to hide the upload button.

1.  Open your site (if your document library is being displayed in a webpart) or open up your document library using SharePoint Designer.  Make sure that within SharePoint Designer the view is set for Split view (Code and Design) so you can see the Code and Design of your SharePoint site.
2.  Click and highlight the ListViewWebPart for your document library in design view, and then “right click” and select “Convert to XSLT Data View.
3.  Your site will re-render in the design view and you will now see the ListViewWebPart converted to a XSLT Data View Web Part with gridlines.
4.  Click and highlight the Upload button on the design view, you will now see the code for the upload button highlighted in the code view.  You should see something like this:

<td class=”ms-toolbar” nowrap=” “>
    <SharePoint:UploadMenu runat=”server” />

5.  To hide the UploadMenu button all you have to do is add this code in the <td> tag right after nowrap= ” ”


6.  So your final code should look like this.

<td class=”ms-toolbar” nowrap=” ” style=”visability:hidden” />
    <SharePoint:UploadMenu runat=”server” />

7.  Now you can do this for any other button you would like.
8.  After making the changes you will see the changes re-render and the Design View will reflect the changes.
9.  Save your site in SharePoint Designer, and then go back to your site on SharePoint.
10.  You should now see the Upload button is now hidden. 


  1. David Newman
    July 27, 2011 at 7:03 pm

    Works get You da Man. Thanks.

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