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Activating Global Navigation in SharePoint 2010

Some might be suprised that the SharePoint Publishing features within SharePoint 2010 is not initally activated upon intial install of SP2010. 

I ran into this when I wanted to modify the global navigation.  Usually when I go to “Site Actions” -> “Site Settings” -> under “Look and feel” I would see the option to modify the navigation.  Nope not there.  This is because the SharePoint Publishing feature needs to be activated for the navigation link to show up.

Follow these steps.

1.  First you have to active the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature within Site Collection Administration.  Make sure you have Site Administration privilages on Sharepoint or you will not see the option to do this.  Click “Site Actions” -> “Site Settings” -> Under “Site Collection Administration” click on the “Site Collection Features” link.  Here you will see the “SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure” feature.  Click the “Activate” button.

2.  Next go to “Site Actions” -> “Site Settings” -> “Site Actions” and click on the “Manage Site features” link.  Here you will find the “SharePoint Server Publishing” feature.  This feature will not active unless Step 1 is completed.  Click the “Activate” button.

3.  Now when you go to “Site Actions” -> “Site Settings” you will see the “Navigation” link under the “Look and Feel” section.

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