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Remove/Delete Extended Web Application in SharePoint 2010

June 27, 2011 1 comment

If you wanted to delete an extended web application in SharePoint 2010 it has changed a little since MOSS 2007.  In MOSS 2007 when you extend a web application you can easily delete an extended web application by going to Central Administration, Application Management, and click on ‘Remove SharePoint From IIS Web Site‘ and select the extended web application you would like to delete.

In SharePoint 2010 the extended Web Applications are not listed under the Web Application listings.   To delete/remove the extended web application follow these sets.

1.  Open up Central Administration
2.  Click on ‘Administration Management
3.  Under Web Applications click on ‘Manage web applications
4.  Click and highlight the web application you extended
5.  On the top ribbon click on the down arrow on the ‘Delete‘ button
6.  Select ‘Remove SharePoint from IIS Web Site‘ option
7.  On the Remove SharePoint from IIS Web Site dialog box, click the down arrow and select the extended web application you want to remove.
8.  Next select ‘Yes‘ from the  ‘Delete IIS Web sites‘ radio buttons.
9.  Click ‘Ok

This will delete your extended web application along with its IIS Web site.

Updating SharePoint 2010 Classic Mode Authentication to Claims Based Authentication

June 23, 2011 Leave a comment

If your current SharePoint 2010 authentication mode is set to classic mode which only allows for windows based authentication, and you want to update the authentication mode to claims based authentication (which allows both windows and forms based authentication) then there is no way to do this via Central Administration or GUI.  This will have to be done via script using PowerShell.

To do this.  Follow these steps.

1.  Remote/Log  into your 2010 SharePoint Central Administrator server.
2.  Bring up SharePoint 2010 Management Shell (Powershell)
3.  Type: $app = get-spwebapplication “URL” (URL of the web application you would like to change authentication on). 
4.   Hit Enter
5.  Next Type:  $app.useclaimsauthentication = “True”. 
6.  Hit Enter
7.  Finally Type:  $app.Update(). 
8.  Hit Enter

Thats it.  Pretty simple.  Remember this will have to be done for each web application you would like to change authentication on.
Also once you change authentication to Claims Based Authentication you cannot revert back to Windows Authentication (Classic Authentication)

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