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IIS7 URL Rewrite Redirect From SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010

After migrating from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 I had to write some IIS7 URL Rewrites to redirect users from their old SharePoint 2007 Site Collection to their new SharePoint 2010 Site Collections for those people that might have bookmarked pages.

Below are the steps on how I accomplished this.

First if you have not done so already download and install the latest IIS7 Rewrite Module — http://www.iis.net/download/urlrewrite  onto your SharePoint servers.  If your SharePoint environment is load balanced this will need to be done on all servers that are part of the load balancer.

Once in stalled…

1.  Open up Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
2.  On the left side under Sites select the SharePoint Web Application website where you would like to create a URL rewrite.
3.  Under the IIS section select URL Rewrite
4.  Click the “Add Rules…” link under the Actions section on the right.
5.  Select the “Blank rule” template and click “Ok”
6.  Give the Rule a name (i.e) – Redirect

For this scenario i’ll be redirecting users from a SharePoint 2007 Site Collection to a SharePoint 2010 Site Collection i.e (http://portal2007/department/sales) to (http://portal2010/departments/sales).

7.  For Requested URL and Using keep these as default
8.  For Pattern enter:  (.*)
9.  Keep the Ignore Case box checked
10.  For Conditions keep Logical Grouping set to Match All
11.  Click the Add.. button to add a condition.
12.  For Condition Input enter: {URL}
13.  For Check if input string keep it as Matches the pattern
14.  For Pattern enter: sales(/.*)
15.  Test the pattern to make sure it works.
16.  Click Ok button.
17.  Under Action select Redirect for Action Type
18.  For Action Properties Redirect URL enter:  http://portal2010/departments/sales if you would only like to redirect to the root level site collection.
19.  If you would like to redirect to sub-directories you would enter:  http://portal2010/departments/sales{C:1}
20.  If you are using back-references i.e ({C:1}) make sure you check off the Append query string box.
21.  If this will be a permanent redirect select Permanent (301) for the Redirect Type.
22.  Click the Apply link on the top right under Actions
23.  Browse to your SharePoint 2007 Site Collection (http://portal2007/department/sales) and it should now auto redirect to (http://portal2010/department/sales).

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