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PowerShell Script: (Creating a Site Collection in a Managed Path In It’s Own Content Database)

Did I mention I love PowerShell.  Well I’ll mention it again.  I love PowerShell.  It makes for performing things within SharePoint 2010 so much easier through automation.

Below is a basic script that will Create a New Site Collection in a Managed Path and in It’s own Content Database.  Just copy the script below into Notepad and save as .ps1.

The Script checks to see if a Managed Path already exists in the Web Application.  If not it creates it.  Creates the new Content Database, Creates the new Site Collection in the new Managed Path, Assigns Primary/Secondary Site Owners, Sets the Site Collection to Anonymous Access.


Write-Host “********************************************************************************************************”
Write-Host “*     Checking to see if Managed Path already Exists                                                                 *”
Write-Host “********************************************************************************************************”

$WebApplicationURL = Read-Host “Enter in Web Application URL”
$ManagedPathName = Read-Host “Enter in Managed Path”

$ManagedPath = Get-SpManagedPath -WebApplication $WebApplicationURL -Identity $ManagedPathName -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
if ($ManagedPath -ne $null)
Write-Host “Managed Path $ManagedPathName already Exists”.
Write-Host “Managed Path Does Not Exist, Creating Managed Path $ManagedPathName ….”
New-SPManagedPath -RelativeURL $ManagedPathName -WebApplication $WebApplicationURL -Explicit

Write-Host “*********************************************************************************************************”
Write-Host “*     Creating New Content Database                                                                                             *”
Write-Host “*********************************************************************************************************”

$NewContentDB = Read-Host “Enter In Name of New Content Database”
New-SPContentDatabase -name $NewContentDB -WebApplication $WebApplicationURL
Write-Host “Content Database Created”

Write-Host “**************************************************************************************”
Write-Host “*      Creating New Site Collection                                                  *”
Write-Host “**************************************************************************************”

$Template = “STS#0”
$Domain = Read-Host “Enter In Domain”
$NewSiteCollectionURL = $WebApplicationURL + “/” + $ManagedPathName
$PrimaryOwnerAlias = Read-Host “Enter In Primary Site Collection Owner”
$SecondaryOwnerAlias = Read-Host “Enter In Secondary Site Collection Owner”
$OwnerAlias = $Domain + “\” + $PrimaryOwnerAlias
$SecondaryAlias = $Domain + “\” $SecondaryOwnerAlias

New-SPSite -Url $NewSiteCollectionURL -ContentDatabase $NewContentDb -OwnerAlias $OwnerAlias -SecondaryOwnerAlias $SecondaryAlias -Template $Template

$Web = Get-SPWeb $NewSiteCollectionURL
$Web.AnonymousState = 2;

Write-Host “Site Collection Created Succesfully…”
Write-Host “Site Collection Owners Added”
Write-Host “Anonymous Access Enabled”


That’s it, pretty simple.  I will be modifying this script a little to display all the different SharePoint Templates you can choose from when creating your Site Collection.  Currently this script is using the Team Site template.

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