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Fixing Unable to Open Document Library in Explorer View in SharePoint 2007

I ran into an issue recently that prevented me from opening up any Document Library in Explorer View in my SharePoint 2007 Mysites Web Application.  It worked fine in my main SharePoint Web Application, but not in MySites.  I did not get any errors, but when I tried to open up the document library in explorer view  Actions -> Open with Windows Explorer it did  nothing for me, the normal behavior of a separate Explorer Window popping up, never came up.  Changing the Document Library view to “Explorer View” gave me an IE message:  “Navigation to webpage was cancelled”.

Knowing that the URL of the Explorer View points to the WebFldr.aspx page I tried to access it by going directly to that URL (http://portalsite/name of document library/Forms/WebFldr.aspx).  I received the same IE message above.

I then took a look at the Document Library Explorer View settings. (Settings, Document Library Settings, Views, Explorer View).

I noticed that URL of the view was pointing to a non SSL protocol.  Knowing that my MySites uses the HTTPS protocol I immediately knew something was wrong with the http routing.

Since my SharePoint 2007 environment uses Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006 (ISA) to off load our SSL Certs I made sure the External and Internal ISA rules were set correctly to properly redirect HTTP calls to HTTPS.  This was set up correctly in ISA.

I then checked the Alternate Access Mappings (AAM) settings within Central Administration.


For the MySites web application I noticed there was a Custom zone AAM set with an Internal URL with HTTP protocol, and a Public URL for Zone set to use HTTP as well.

I removed this custom AAM and recreated it as follows.

Internal URL:  http://mysite
Zone: Default
Public URL for Zone:  https://mysite

Once I modified the AAM for MySites I was then able to open up the document library in Explorer View with no problems.

If you experience this same behavior, please check your AAMs and make sure your Internal and Public URL’s are set correctly and are in the correct zones.

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