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Fixed: Unable To Activate SharePoint Publishing Infrastructure Feature in SharePoint 2010 with Elevated Privileges.

November 20, 2013 Leave a comment

I recently ran into a strange situation that prevented me from activated the SharePoint Publishing Infrastructure feature on my SharePoint 2010 Site Collection.  Clicking on the activate feature button I was presented with the authentication prompt to enter in the proper permissions to activate, upon entering in the credentials for an account I knew had Site Collection Administrator permissions I was basically told to go “pound sound”.  I then tried to change users to my Farm Account and again tried to activate the feature, SharePoint laughed at me again.

What the heck?  Scratching my head trying to determine the reason why I can’t activate this feature even as Farm Admin, I learned that this can sometimes happen if the Application Pool Identity is set to something other than the one running your Central Administration Application Pool in IIS.

After changing the application pool of the Web Application to the Identity of the one running my Central Administration  Application Pool I was then able to activate the feature in the new site.

Not sure why this behavior is happening.  Reached out to my Microsoft PFE to do a little more digging into this issue.

However, for the time being If you ever encounter this problem, just change the application pool identity of the Web Application you are trying to activate the feature to the Identity of the one running Central Administration and you should be able to activate the feature with no problem.  After you activate the feature you should be able to revert back to the Application Pool Identity you previously had set.

Hopefully this helps others.