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How to Fix: Failed to provision the SharePoint Central Administration Web Application After Patching and Running the Config Wizard.

December 23, 2013 Leave a comment

I recently updated our SharePoint 2010 environment to the latest SharePoint SP2 and October 2013 CU patches. After laying down the bits and executing the SharePoint Config Wizard the Config Wizard trucked along well up until Step 9 of 10, and then failed. Looking at the ERROR Log I saw this error.

“Failed to provision the SharePoint Central Administration Web Application.
Exception: System.ArgumentException: The IncomingURL is already present in the collection in a different zone. A URL may only map to one zone at a time. Use a different URL for requests from this zone”

What happed here is that when I initially configured my SharePoint Central Administration Web Application I created my Web Application in the default zone with the URL of (http://servername:port)

Later after configuring Central Administration I wanted to access it with a more friendlier host name i.e (http://cadmin). I changed the default zone to (http://cadmin) and I moved the (http://servername:port) to a custom zone.

When the SharePoint Config Wizard was ran on the SharePoint Central Administration server it was looking for the default zone of (http://servername:port) to successfully provision the Central Administration Web Application with the lastest SP2 and CU patches. Since it could not find that URL in the default zone it failed.

I had to go back into Central Administration, move the (http://servername:port) back to the default zone. After doing this I reran the SharePoint Config Wizard. This time all steps completely successfully, and the Central Administration Web Application was provisioned with the latest patches.

After successfully patching, I then moved the (http://cadmin) back to default zone.

If you run into this same issue just make sure the default zone is set to the initial URL set for the Central Administration Web Application, and then after patching you can switch it back to a more friendlier host name.

Hopefully this helps others.

Delete Orphaned Sandbox Solutions in SharePoint 2010 Using PowerShell

December 23, 2013 Leave a comment

I recently ran into a issue where I had some deleted sandbox solutions in my SharePoint 2010 environment become orphaned. These sandbox solutions even though deleted from the Solution gallery still had a referenced GUID in the Site Collection database as if the soltuion was still there. While there was still a reference to this Solution GUID SharePoint still saw this solution as being available and the option to select this solution as a Site Template was still available, which will throw a Correlation ID when trying to create a new Site with this solution.

To completely remove Orphaned Sandbox Solutions from SharePoint 2010 so the option to select the template is no longer an option follow the PS script below.

$templateTitle = “NAME OF TEMPLATE” #Name of the Sandbox Solution or Template that is Orphaned
$templates = $site.GetWebTemplates(1033) #Search all site Templates in English (1033)
$badTemplate = $tempaltes | Where {$_.Title -eq $templateTitle} #Find the orphaned Template

#Once orphaned Template is located, delete
if ($badTemplate -ne $null)
$id = $badTemplate.Name.Substring(0, $badTemplate.Name.IndexOf(“#”))
$badId = [System.Guid]($id)