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SharePoint 2010: Access Denied by Business Data Connectivity within SharePoint 2010 Designer

August 22, 2014 Leave a comment

If you are attempting to add a connection to an external data source within SharePoint 2010 Designer and you recieve the following error:

“Access denied by Business Data Connectivity”

Make sure you grant the proper permissions to the Business Data Connectivity Service Metadata Store within Central Administration.

1.  Browse to your Central Administration Site
2.  Browse to Application Management – Manage Service Application – Business Data Connectivity
3.  Within the Business Data Connectivity Service Application, click the “Set Metadata Store Permissions” icon in the ribbon
4.  Grant the proper permissions to those needed to establish DBC external connections (Edit, Execute and Set Permissions).

After granting permissions, attempt to establish your connection within SharePoint 2010 Designer again.  This time you should be able to connect and see your data source.

Hopefully this helps others.