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SharePoint 2010: Cannot upgrade because Updates are missing.

I recently ran into some issues when trying to upgrade my SharePoint 2010 Farm with the latest SharePoint 2010 Cumulative Update.   The last time I updated my SharePoint 2010 farm was back in October of 2013 so its was time for a much needed upgrade.

Following the same process I usually take when upgrading I first install the latest CU’s bits on my CA Server, then remove one WFE at a time out of the load balancer and lay the bits on them.  This helps to prevent downtime of the portal when applying.  Once all the bits are installed I run the config wizard on the CA Server first, and then follow the same process (remove WFE server from load-balancer) and then run the Config wizard on that server until all servers in the farm are patched.

For this scenario I was installing the latest Sept 2014 Cumulative Update bits on all my WFE servers, but for whatever reason even though the installation was successfully on the servers within (Central Administration -> Manage Patch Status) I noticed that two of my WFE servers were still showing missing CU patches, but on the physical server itself I see that the updates were applied.  When trying to reinstall the latest Sept 2014 CU on the server I get the message that “There are no products affected by this package installed on this system”.

I then attempted to run the Config Wizard to maybe see if for some reason CA was reporting incorrectly, but as expected the Config Wizard returned saying that patches were missing on the two servers and can’t continue until those servers were patched.

So now I’m stuck.  My WFE servers show the CU patches installed but SharePoint does not see them so I can’t continue with the upgrade.

To fix this problem you simply just need to run a single PowerShell command on each WFE that Central Administration is stating is missing the patches.

On each WFE server open up SharePoint 2010 Management Shell and type this command:

Get-SPProduct -Local

After running this command on each WFE server you can now run the Config Wizard.  This time it should complete successfully.

Hopefully this helps others who run into a similar situation.


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